A Look at WebHostingHub – Review of Features, Support, Uptime & More

Thanks to the many budget web hosting providers on the web, it can be difficult to narrow down choices for hosting any potential website and/or blog. Though, all’s not lost when it comes to finding a good enough web host. WebHostingHub, as an example, is one of the better web hosting options on the web, particularly for users looking for a robust shared web host.

WebHostingHub was first established in 2002, as a new brand that’s also known as an offshoot of premium web hosting provider InMotion Hosting. Since then, WebHostingHub has provided budget hosting options for people who either previously used InMotion Hosting or need a cheaper web host.

WebHostingHub, as an offshoot of InMotion, is unique in that it’s not owned by web hosting conglomerate Endurance International Group. So, people who are concerned about getting relatively ‘independent’ web hosting can feel comfortable with using InMotion Hosting or WebHostingHub for their websites and/or blogs.

Though, knowing who owns the hosting provider isn’t enough of a concrete factor to help you decide whether the service is good enough for your needs. In this review, we’re going to look at several reasons why WebHostingHub may suit your needs, regardless of who owns the company.

An In-Depth Look at WebHostingHub’s Features

As WebHostingHub is a budget web hosting provider, they currently only offer one hosting plan, known as their All-In-One Shared Hosting Plan. Shared hosting plans, much like the aforementioned, host several dozen websites on a single server, essentially helping hosting providers save on operating costs.

At WebHostingHub, many of the same features found at other shared hosting providers are included with their All-In-One plan. This includes providing unlimited websites with unlimited storage, data transfers, web mail, MySQL databases, FTP accounts, in addition to an entire suite of the most popular web applications, tools and content management systems with one-click installation.

So, you’re pretty much going to be familiar with these features if you’re moving from one shared web host to WebHostingHub. If you’re completely new, though, these features are intuitive and user friendly enough to get you started.

Like other web hosting providers, WebHostingHub uses what’s popularly known as cPanel for the main control panel of user accounts. cPanel is an intuitive Unix-based web hosting control panel that provides automation tools and a graphical interface, all for the purpose of hosting and managing a website.

US Based Customer and Tech Support

WebHostingHub is also known for having a great customer support service. Using the customer service practices instilled by its parent company, InMotion Hosting, WebHostingHub provides United States-based round-the-clock sales and technical support. Users can contact them through their community forum, phone, email and live chat. When it comes to finding a great web host, a good customer support branch is important.

WebHostingHub, as mentioned, is very user friendly, as exemplified by their tag-line, ‘Get Your Website Online In Minutes.’ The web host makes it easy for users to set up their website in as little time as possible. All of this is further punctuated by their guaranteed ‘No Down-Time Transfer.’

This allows customers to essentially transfer their websites and/or data from another web host over to WebHostingHub; customers can set up and test their websites on the temporary platform provided by WebHostingHub before permanently moving the data over to their premises.

WebHostingHub’s Value Proposition

Most importantly, WebHostingHub is cheap. The most basic shared hosting subscription plan under their service starts at around $40 per year or at least $3 per month. Coupled with their frequent discounts and available coupon codes, WebHostingHub is pretty much one of the cheapest shared web hosts out there.

Even if you don’t like WebHostingHub’s services, they provide a full refund following their 90 day trial period. This is, in fact, considered the longest trial period out of all of the shared web hosts on the web. As long as you cancel your account during the first 90 days of your trial period, they will provide a full refund once you get into contact with them.

Are There Any Drawbacks to Their Hosting Service?

Like many shared hosting providers, WebHostingHub has a lack of a server upgrade options. WebHostingHub, as mentioned earlier, is a shared web host, meaning that if you want more server-related options for your website or network of websites, you might have more success using premium web hosts like InMotion Hosting.

A little known fact about WebHostingHub is that they actually don’t provide default automatic backups. If you want to enable automatic backups on your WebHostingHub account, you will have to pay $1 per month for the feature.

Some users have also brought out the point about the unlimited bandwidth and space being a problem since no one truly is unlimited.  The reality is, no one can provide unlimited since the server itself has limits.  The unlimited deal many people see is more of a marketing gimmick.  It is safe to say that for high traffic websites having high hundreds to thousands of hits a day, it is best to go with a VPS or dedicated hosting solution.

Having said that, you do need to realize that most starter websites are not likely to consume vast amounts of resources requiring an upgrade so quickly.  Also, many webmasters will in actual fact only host a handful of sites since all of them need to be managed somehow.  Given such a scenario, most webmasters won’t even cross the threshold WebHosting Hub sets for overuse of server resources.  Thus, it is safe for most people who just need to set up a simple website to have their hosting done with a shared host like WebHostingHub.  Furthermore, you can always upgrade later saving yourself a bundle since you’re only going to be using a small amount of server resources.

What Real Users Say About WebHostingHub Hosting?

Before signing up with any company, it is important to find out what real customers say about their hosting in the areas of support, uptime, speed, and value.  Overwhelmingly, we’ve found many recommend WebHostingHub for the outstanding value it provides.

“In terms of performance, I never noticed any problems. Uptime was excellent, and the speed associated with my WordPress site was much better than my previous host.” — Ryan V, webhostingtalk.com

Is WebHostingHub For You?

Most people who host anything on the web need a simple, typically shared, web host. That’s it. If you’re looking for more than just shared hosting, like if you needed a virtual private server to run and manage several websites, there are other options on the web.

WebHostingHub, on the other hand, is a reliable shared web host that provides enough ‘bells and whistles’ for most webmasters and bloggers. There’s no such thing as a perfect host…only one that fits your needs. With reliable servers, great customer service, a 90 day refund policy and a low price tag, how can you go wrong with that?

Our Verdict?

If you need a competitively priced and reliable web host that efficiently covers customers when they need help while providing many bonuses, WebHostingHub is a great hosting option.

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